Ryan Whalley here. I have started teaching computer classes this past fall. I have from grade 7 through 12 throughout the year. I have found that the edclass Active Book Reader has helped me target specific tasks and skills that I want my students to develop. Lots of my students say that some of the lessons are boring, but I have had some good successes too!

I really like them because I can learn it prior to the students, its is all set up for me and each student can proceed through the lesson or series of lessons at their own pace.

Lynn Dunham (TL at IHHS) - I have used EdClass quite a bit in the past and find it very useful. My teaching assignment this year doesn't really lend itself to using it, however, I have shared my experiences with other staff. We have a couple of staff members who would like to see it stay around. It is also very helpful if you are in a pinch for a quick lesson for a sub!

Shaun Horsman WCS - We have planned an after school inservice on this program to increase use. It is an excellent program for reading and following direction skills while at the same time teaching active and usefulcomputer skills. It is just difficult to find the time to teach people how to use effectively. A good program. I would rather see it stay...

Bev Kowalchuk WCS - Selected teachers from White City School have used this program on a regular basis for the past five years. We have made curricular connections, and find this to be a useful tool for the same reasons mentioned by Shaun. The more opportunities provided for PD will encourage use of programs like Activ reader.