The new online curriculum
Minister Krawetz opened Education Week with the launch of the new online curriculum websites at Wilfred Walker School in Regina. Available for both English and French programming, the websites may be accessed at [[../Local Settings/amundrs/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files/Local Settings/Crasweg/Local Settings/Temporary Internet Files/Local Settings/lawsonr/Local Settings/WINDOWS/Temporary Internet Files/OLK4EE/|]] or

The online curriculum websites take advantage of the newest technologies and leverage the educational technology infrastructure upgrades of CommunityNet and Blackboard announced in 2008. The sites provide an effective mechanism to link curricular outcomes with documents, video, audio, and other multimedia materials, enabling teachers to easily locate supports for teaching and learning. Materials are presented in an engaging and flexible format, which can be utilized as required for instructional purposes. The web site design intelligently links support materials based on searches and navigations.

Saskatchewan is now the first province to have curriculum-specific websites in both official languages. Developed for easy upgrading with current cutting edge and emerging web technologies, plans include continuing development and incorporation of additional resource and support materials which will support student learning.

The new websites mentioned above are dedicated to curriculum, the teaching and learning supports, and resources directly related to curriculum. The ministry website,, will continue to house pdf copies of the entire curriculum documents, as well as all other information related to the ministry. Please ensure that all division staff are aware of the new websites. All bookmarks, links or references to the Ministry of Education websites should be updated, as the URL for the ministry website has changed(it has been noted that a number of divisions still link to an old version of the website).

The addresses of current websites are: - The new curriculum website in English - The new curriculum website in French – The Ministry of Education website – The Provincial Blackboard Learning System