Hi all! Welcome to the Subscription Renewal/Replacement wiki! As the email I sent you said, many people have been getting notices about certain licenses or subscriptions expiring fairly soon. There is strong data to support renewing Discovery Education and Reading A-Z. There is very poor data supporting the renewal of edClass.
If we don’t receive a substantial amount of positive support for edClass, that subscription will not be renewed for the 2010-2011 school year. These funds may be reallocated to other subscription services.

Please talk to colleagues that you believe would have interest in this topic and feel free to submit suggestions for replacement services. Some previously submitted candidates are listed below.

For those of you unfamiliar with a wiki, basically it's a web page that anyone can edit. If you'd like to add to this list or add notes in support or against any of the below candidates, just click the "Edit" button above and type away! Even if you just add a "Yes" or "No", that would be something to go on. Be sure to click the "Save" button when finished.

  • RAZ Kids (online extension of Reading A-Z accessible from school or home) yes, yes, I'm adding 8 yes's - one for each teacher in our school wanting to get started. sure yes yes, yes,yes, 2 yes
  • Science A-Z yes yes yes YES Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes,yes, yes
  • BrainPop - Fantastic Yes Very much a yes yes yes, yes YES yes, yes
  • The Daily Café/ Daily 5 yes yes yes super yes definitely yes yes yes yes yes yes, yes
  • Leader Post online (easy enough to do ourselves through school) yes, yes, yes
  • Ed Helper yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes, yes
  • Enchanted Learning yes yes yes yes yes- I didn't know we had a subscription to this- how do we get the password and such. Yes, I also need a password.Yes, it will be well used. Yes (didn't know we had a subscription either) yes yes YES!! This is a great site with great resources....
  • Voice Thread (extended license) not sure what it is yes
  • Rand McNally Classroom (the Rand McNally atlas is a recommended resource in the new Social Studies curriculums) yes yes yes yes yes, yes
  • Scholastic BookFlix (animated stories with fiction and nonfiction pairings that students can read and follow along with) yes yes for sure yes yes yes yes yes 2 yes,yes!!!
  • Reading A-Z yes yes yes for sure yes yes definitely yes yes yes, yes
  • ABC teach- yes, yes yes yes yes yes yes yes YES!! yes!!!!! yes!! Another great site with great resources
  • Passport to the Internet ??? Media Awareness tutorial for Internet literacy - do
  • I miss being able to access World Book online
  • edclass is not user friendly for the students; many find it far too challenging
  • What do we have subscribtions to now? How do we find the usernames and passwords? I would also like this information to share with my staff. I am not aware of all of our subscriptions and pass words.
  • I just found out about RAZ Kids - super great! United Streaming: a tool that I would be lost without! I too would like to know what subscriptions we have as well as the usernames/passwords to make use of them! A like from PVSD website would be convenient.
  • I have used ed class a lot with my grade four class. I choose activities from the K-3 section and have had great success with them. I think most teachers are not aware of this resource and haven't been introduced to using it. What if TL made a point of introducing it to their staff this school year? I would like to see us keep it for one year and make a concentrated effort into promoting it.
  • ixL math would be great
  • International reading Association would be great
  • Can we get a list of subscriptions that we have and the username/password for them...
  • Yes this is a valuable tool

We're trying to make some decisions on this ASAP, so please submit feedback ASAP. Final decisions will have to be made by the end of September. Thank you for your time!

Although I have never used Edclass, I have taken some time to take a peek at it. As a teacher librarian, I think this may be a very useful tool for me as I work with teachers to integrate technology into the various subject areas. I think with a site like this, someone modeling and introducing how to use it, we would then see an increased use. A subscription that many teachers would find valuable is The Cafe (Daily 5) as we introduced this to Grade one and two teachers across the division last year. It really is an excellent resource for teachers implementing the Daily Five in their classrooms. United Streaming is a WONDERFUL and is a must have!

We have:
Discovery Ed
Reading A-Z (130-180 Licenses)
Career Cruising
Real Game

Option 1
Keep edClass by SchoolKit

Option 2
Replace edClass with:
RAZ Kids by Learning A-Z & VOCAB Kids by Learning A-Z $6500US
Book Flix - $7500
Enchanted Learning? $4000 - is this right?
Rand McNally? $2000 but other resources free and very good
Culture Grams? $2500 - Poorly used before
Ed Helper? 200 licenses = $8000US? Poor example of 21C learning
Who paid for Choice Literacy? Only need 5 licenses now
How 'bout subscription to ISTE Webinars - use at PD events? $800US for members (I am an ISTE member)
Do we need more options?

Include info on Daily Cafe ($59/teacher)
Brain Pop ($800US per school)

Also include info on Work At Home software
Microsoft Office
BookShare (AT - large print documents)

2011-12 Suggestions
www.morestarfall.com Jamie Scheller
Culture Grams Lorelei Kotylak